The Best Friend

It’s not often that God gives blessings to us. There are so many problems that we face and challenges that keep coming our way. When all seems down, there are ups that we look forward to in life. It’s the ups that we hold onto. Life doesn’t give you the good apples but just sour lemons to munch on.

In times of defeat, there are blessings that God gives us in the form of human beings. They might not be perfect but they are especially made for you. There are friends in this temporary life that we live in that come into our lives who will stick with you, no matter what.

They stick to you in times of the victories and those that bring you at your lowest. Their presence might not always be there but in a cruel world we live in, you’re assured that there are people you can trust and rely on. They blend in as family.

The bonds are strong and whether distance and time keep you apart, destiny will always find its way to keep you together. Man make plans but God directs it to something better.

Best friends make this lonely world a much better place to live in. Friendships assure you that whether you’re single or not, there are those who stay no matter what.

Thank you for God’s image reproduced as human beings in the form of best friends.

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