The First Intern

Medical school seemed too hectic. About four years ago, I came out with a diploma but found out that I was still single. I enjoyed the five years with the comfort of blockmates and closest friends.

Now, I’m a full-fledged doctor. With a degree in my hand, I can actually start earning a living, travel around the world and find a partner.

The first intern was when I started a year off after medical school. We didn’t actually date. Starting off as a friend of a friend, we came to be close that way. It was a 3-way friendship that turned out a close relationship between us. After a few more, we began to have dinners with just the two of us. Food was the best common thing we had.

I grew feelings. I grew closer and closer but I knew it was all one-sided. We met more and more but the more distance I made between us, the more I was getting hurt. The efforts to meet didn’t seem reciprocated. Then came one of the most important days, a life-changing event for the next chapter of our lives was about to unfold. I had all the courage to actually say what I wanted to. The bottled up feelings were all inside me but I kept swallowing saliva. The nausea and palpitations started rushing in.

I said my final words.

Good luck on this new chapter. You’re a year older.

The feelings that used to colour the day had all been bottled up and kept in a chamber. As we parted, I shed tears. In my second life, I would’ve had more courage. Regrets came shaking in. We had our own lives to take care of. Pursuing the ladder of the medical profession had been our focus in life. Love was within our midst yet we chose to enrich our careers. As I end this snippet of a love story that was missed, I made a vow to never bottle up my feelings ever again.

As my journey towards the search for true love kicked off, the love I had was never forgotten. Some of it was kept hidden in the dark never to cause pain in the present. This person was one of the many prospects I had, coming before the many people I had encountered in this incredible search.

The first intern.

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